Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Knitting, breathing

I've had a couple of days off to recover from what felt like an insanely busy print making week and I've also started a new knitting project. The thirst for knitting proved unbearable so I figured what the heck, do it. Unfortunately, for example, food shopping when hungry is a bad idea because you come home with a hefty receipt and a mountain of edibles, the same goes for wool shopping. I spent 21 pounds (I know!) on wool. It's beautiful wool. So that justifies it for me... plus it's giving me something new to do.

The prints have just been flowing, which in itself is difficult for me because I'm so insanely indecisive. I would just throw everything out there if I could but I know deep down I would regret some things.

Don't worry the limited edition prints I spoke of before are still on their way... I'm just taking a breather :)

Also, just noticed the blog celebrates it's first birthday next month which is quite a nice feeling. I may do something in tribute.