Saturday, 27 December 2008

Seasons Nibbling and Wine Glugging.

Just a little note to say 'hello' and 'I hope your christmas was extra shiney'.

I'm off on my mini adventure tomorrow so I wanted to say 'toodles' and if you do buy anything from my shops I will be unable to process the orders 'til I get back on the 7th. Fingers crossed this shouldn't be too much of a delay. But I'll do my bestest to get everything packaged up nicely and sent to their new homes.

Have a rocking new year and 'cheers!' from me :)

All the best!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tea For Two!

Ooo I'm a busy bee today. MORE prints up for grabs. This set appropriately called "Tea for Two" is a set of 2 prints that you pick out of the 9 displayed. Mix and match. Make that perfect customised gift for friends and a treat for yourself. They measure 6" x 8" and I'm more than happy to use specific colour schemes if you have something else in mind.

Bottoms up!


A new fox shaped feature. Is now in the shops. Since the last post the frost has vanished! And been replaced by that miserable dribbly rain. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I got in the festive spirit yesterday and watched White Christmas at work on the biiiiig screen and it was wonderful. I also bombarded the audiences with the entire Sufjan Stevens Christmas boxset. Now that was perfect. If only it would snow... sigh... alas Nottinghamshire doesn't really know what snow is and what great demand it's in.

I have a crazy notion that I should bake something. Trouble is I can't bake, I'm not very good at following instructions and I haven't a clue what... Where this random thought has come from I can't tell you. But seeing as I finish work earlyish this evening maybe I should try. Or maybe I should just go and see another movie :)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


A little twist to a familiar picture. I thought I'd make a bit of a set from this picture. So to keep autumn company I give you winter :) They are in both shops (etsy + folksy) so go grab yourself a treat. We're getting lots of frost this year which makes a nice change from last year which was just grey and damp. I'm enjoying the new and improved (if slightly dangerous) sparkly path to work. Spices things up a little.

I've had a week of treating myself to stuff and things and I thought I'd share some of it with you.

Some Lovely new tape from CottonBlue. I can't help but just browse everything in this shop. It's all beautiful.

I've started the ball rolling on a commissioned piece by Pebble on etsy. I'm very excited about this piece of bling because Jayne's work is extremely special.

I also treated myself to some films. Because it's time I watched something I would like to and not something I may as well.

On that note... time for work...

Monday, 8 December 2008

A new Lotti and a Louise

Some new prints up for grabs. A familiar face and some new colours :) I think it's safe to say it's bed time.

night night

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Little Black Bear

There's a new print in the shops (etsy and folksy). I hope you like. I did these doodles around halloween time but I never got them finished or found the right colour schemes for them. The print measures 6"x 8".

PSSSST! THIS MONTHS 10DOLLAR PRINT IS IN THE SHOP! Same rules, once it's sold it will be relisted at it's usual price of 18 USD so grab it while you can! It's the frosty fox shown below :)

Running low on christmas cards

Hello, Just letting you know that the christmas tree card has sold out so if you purchase a set please specify which ladies you would like. There are limited numbers so be quick :)

until next time...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Tea anyone?

Well Saturday was interesting, going back to Derby and all. Was nice to do something with my weekend but I can honestly say I need to work on the whole "presentation" aspect of my work. :) hehe..... anyway!

Above are some new prints that are in the shop. At the minute you can grab your "Tea For One" prints on both etsy and Folksy. There will be "Tea For Two" coming as soon as I finish resizing images and work out a system to get them all online. There are looooaaads of different coloured cups. I've been working on these for a good 2 months. So I hope you like them. I thought I'd start small and let the collection grow. Of course if there are any specific colour themes you are after just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Pay day's been and gone and I think today is as good as any to go start that thing called christmas shopping... I might even be naughty and have a cup of hot spicey wine at the market.

Shhh! Don't breathe a word!