Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Up And Running Around Like A Headless Something

Above: THE SET! 2 Prints for the price of 30 USD (roughly 15 quid or so for us Brits) Now up for grabs in the shop. Featured in the show and a secret I've been trying to keep for the last 2 weeks. Horrah to me for trying anyway :)

Below: The LIMITED EDITION colour schemes. Familiar faces but with a twist. Both are individually priced at 20 USD (10 quid roughly brits) and feature in the show! They are in the shop NOW. I've only done a very VERY small run of these prints (5 of each!) so seriously get them while you can because when they are gone they are gone... sigh... I'm working on some new colour schemes for other familiar faces. I'll keep you posted. But feel free to let me know what you think.

And finally the rest of the gang with some new friends. All of these chaps and chaplettes are featured in the show and are all up for grabs for the usual price of 16 smackaroonies (8-9 quidaroonies). Everyones int he shop as I speak. So go spend that hard earned cash! I promise you won't be disappointed :)

I think it's time to make a quick recovery and get ready for a variety of different meetings... woo...

ps/ of course Bruce and Alan are featured in the show. I just figured you wouldn't want to have a repeat of the last post... so you can buy them here (bruce) or here (alan).

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Welcome Alan!

The show is right around the corner. The corner being tomorrow... eek! And I figured it was time to introduce you to the newest puppet on the block. Meet Alan! He's up for grabs in the shop and priced at 16 bucks (8-9 British pounds)

Alan and Bruce will both be starring in the show :) and are currently all shiny and framed, eagerly waiting for tomorrow morning. The Show opens on the Tuesday and the Party is on the Thursday so if you are about then come along! It's from 8 til late.

Right... time to relax-ish...


Tuesday, 23 September 2008


New print now up for grabs. Get it while the leaves are still attached people! Priced at 16 buckeroonies (thats around 8-9 quid for us brits)

Now go find conkers! Quick! Before the school kids beat you to it!

Stuff and Things and Stuff

I've been a spending maniac... and I thought I would share pictures of what I've been spending my hard earned money on. Above is my reading pillow... I've given it that very important title to justify its existence in my home... and to explain why the living-room is now drowning in cushions which were previously located in my room... don't mock it. I couldn't help myself it's just what Ikea does to you. If you would also like a very important reading pillow you can find this one and others here. I also found a beautiful little tray in Habitat which I've stuck to the wall. You can look at it here.

And this is the icing on the cake. I bought a print by Jon Klassen. I saw a link to his work on the Pikaland blog and ended up getting click happy and before it knew it I'd ticked the international shipping button and then signed into paypal and confirmed... and oops. Ta Da! It should arrive within 2-3 weeks so I'm calling it my "pat on the back reward for putting on a show" print. (Another very important title to reduce the shopping guilt)

I haven't bought a flat, panic not. I just happened to see these really nice paper flowers in someones window on my way home today and I took a sneaky snap.

Anyway enough of the shopping talk. The prints are coming along slowly but surely. I went along to the space yesterday to take a million and a half photos so I can do some semi-serious planning. I'm very much looking forward to sharing all the new eye candy with you :)

Time to go to the post office followed by work!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nearly there!

Any local folk come along :) any not very local folk... come along anyway! I had a slightly sleepless night last night mentally planning out the prints. There will be some familiar faces but in limited edition colour schemes and some new ones to boot! I'll give you some previews closer to the date. There will be a run of 5 prints per picture (limited editions only... the rest will be as normal) so snap them up while you see them because once they are gone... sigh... you get the picture.

I'm also quite excited about announcing some print duos which will be available as of next week. I don't want to go into too much detail other wise I'll start spoiling things. Plus I'm one of them folk who don't really like talking about things when they are not finished. It's a whole fickle, scared of not meeting targets, getting sidetracked easily thing...

Anyway, time for work. Enjoy your Sunday

Hand and Heart Gallery info

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Just Resting

NEW print now in the shop. Titled "Just Resting" and priced at 16 USD (just under £9 ish). Features the Little Blue Dog/Cat we love and cherish :)

All this talk about resting I think it's way past my bed time!



Monday, 15 September 2008

Hey Ho Lets Go

Festival over. Done and dusted. Oh how I have missed my bed and shower and slippers and stuff. There are plenty of pictures for you to see on flickr with their own little commentary. Pst - Next time remind me to take a camping chair!

One thing I can say is I'm going to miss all the amazing food. Not the prices that went with it but I can tell it'll be a while till I get something that tasty in my belly again. I think my top acts of the weekend were Akron Family, Dirty Three, The Sons of Noel and Adrian and Low.

The show is less than a week away (Ah!) and I'm not ready :) hehe. I will be, but today I'm not. I blame it on a long well needed weekend away! All I need now is another few days to recover. I'm very excited though. The Mini Blurb is on the site now so have a read and come along!!

Lets Go!

Sunday, 7 September 2008


Just another little note. The seasons are changing, the leaves are looking fragile and I blimin' well can not wait! New print is now in the shop.


Sod's Law

When leaving the house on a beautiful blue and sunny day (you can almost hear the flute playing and the birds singing) we started the stroll towards town only to be faced with...


It seemed to be sat on Nottingham's city centre... blergh

I just thought I'd share :) This was a while ago the sun doesn't bother showing itself anymore. The roads were replaced with rivers the other evening. It was fun walking home I admit it BUT my shoes are still wet... sigh...

Monday, 1 September 2008

Room With A View

Festivals are around the corner but alas that means the rain clouds are just getting comfy. This is where I'd like to be at the minute... anyone got a sleeping bag I could borrow?

11 days to go!