Monday, 30 June 2008


Just returned from the land of Manchester (up a bit) after seeing My Bloody Valentine... ouch! So so so good... so so so SO loud... It was incredible. The noise/note they've been known to do for 20 minutes... they did for 30... earplugs were recommended and handed out on entry... Such an amazing gig. I'm so chuffed I got the chance to see them :) big "woop!". We stayed in a rather fun hotel, splashed out a little there but well worth it. No faffing about with midnight trains and 2.5 hours journeys. The train journey yesterday was looovely. I feel like I've not seen the countryside in forever. I sometimes forget it exists.

I cracked open the camera too and decided to be a faux tourist. It felt good to be out of Nottingham that's for sure.

We found this lovely cafe in Manchester and had our breakfast. I opted for peanut butter on toast and a coffee... The cafe was like a cross between a beach hut and a weird vintage house. Full of random odds and ends. My chair was a very large hand. And in the window next to me, hiding behind a cactus, was a large plastic flamingo.

A very special place. Sorry about my blurry picture, the light levels were very low and I think I was still shaking from the gig last night... To be honest I think it's going to take me a while to recover.

After pulling myself away from the cafe (I forgot to mention, which had an amazing shop tucked away in the back selling loads of beautiful stuff including some gorgeous sketch books that cost a fortune... in my eyes) we wandered about the streets and mooched around some more quirky shops before retiring to the train station and finding our way home.

I treated myself to a new little friend :) I fell in love with him. I nearly bought the large glow in the dark one but decided to go for the smaller one seeing as my shelf space in very limited... He doesn't have a name yet but I will keep you posted if I come up with anything suitable. I don't dare adapt him...

Right I think it's time for me to find something new to do :) and to try and relax my ears. Maybe find somewhere to doze.

Enjoy the sun

Saturday, 28 June 2008

nom nom nom

Last night was my first night at home with my house-companions in what feel likes forever! Because I work evenings as well as days and sometimes mornings too I usually bump into someone on their way to bed when I get home... or we have a high speed 5 minute natter before we all retire to our rooms.

ANYWAY I cooked a feast... It was sooo nice! (if i do say so myself) I was prepping all week, scurrying through every cook book I could lay my hands on. Finally I decided not to use any cook books and just used my noggin instead. I very rarely get to cook because I very rarely have an evening at home... and if I do I try and get food from other people. So my confidence in the kitchen is pretty much non existent... I dunno what goes with what and what goes where. Salt and pepper go together yeah?

I have to admit this isn't the neatest food presentation example... Everyone else's looked lovely but everything falls to pieces when it's your plate... nevermind! Tasted nice :) For pudding we had an assortment of chocolate bickies.... and we polished off the lot.


Friday, 27 June 2008

It's been so long!

Crumbs I haven't posted anything in ages. I've been working away like a... worker... at work and when I've found time to sit down I've been sleeping. Or just sitting. I have been drawing away during the many shifts these past few weeks. I've also been working on some projects but for now they are still my little secret. So for the time being I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what I've been up to here and there...

Some faces... not quite finished. A lot of these things are work in progress... or so I keep telling myself :)

I'm not sure what to do with most of them. They're a bit of fun...

There's more...

Nearly there...

Phew! Well It's my day off and outside is one of the last places I'd like to be. It's chilly and very windy.... AND NEARLY JULY! c'mon summer... I definitely need to leave the house at some point though because I'm all outa paper and stuff... ug

Enjoy the trees while they still have their leaves!

Monday, 16 June 2008

The Dragon

Another new monster :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Just Out of Reach

A new monster

... back to work!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hiding in the pink

My 4 lovely days away from work are now over and it's time to go back this evening... sigh. In 4 days I've done a lot of sitting on my ass, some reading... some tv watching and some camping (yes in a field... yes away from Nottingham). That was probably the highlight :) It's been very very nice...

We went to the degree shows at Trent on Friday and enjoyed hanging out with friends and the free bar. Was nice to see what everyone has been up to this summer. Very strange seeing the same space looking completely different since our show last year but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'm going to head in shortly and catch the theatre design show or I'll be in trouble!

The above is a newly adapted doodle and will be up for grabs on etsy very soon :)

Sun time!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sing to me!

Hello Hello Hello! It's been a while. Yes sorry I got the plague but it's ok! I'm better! I've just uploaded a new print on etsy called The Singing Blue Bird so take a peek. I also got a mention in the storque newsletter which is great. First time for everything and I'm well chuffed. In my snotty state I found myself furiously drawing away and so hopefully during the next few days I'll have some more pictures to show you so keep your ear to the ground.

Enjoy the sun!