Thursday, 26 February 2009

9 treats

I'm having one of those days browsing this and that. I thought I'd share some of the treasures I came across. Top to bottom, left to right: Abigail Brown, jessyq, LaBaleineaPlumes, 5gardenias, vintagegoodness, littlebyrdvintage, pepperminte, joannetracydesigns, RowansRoom.

*Photo credits go to the sellers :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

And The Wind Blows

Hello there. I decided to have a little bit of a break from pictures and words and so forth and so on. It's been a looooong few weeks and I'm so looking forward to my real (not fake) day off tomorrow... sigh. I've got a new picture up for grabs in the shops. It's called "And the wind blows" I'm obviously still obsessing over autumn and foxes and the colour orange... It's pretty apparent now if you look through all of my most recent items posted on etsy.

Anyway! The print measures 8"x 10" and is in both shops with price tags and stuff and things... go see.

Apart from excessive amounts of reading and attemping to relax while at work I've been kittysitting for my mum. This (below) is Trent aka Demon, killer, monster, kitty kitty. He likes to kill things and show people. Some call this a sign of affection, I just say 'yuck'. The poor little guy had to stay in doors because our neighbourhoods filled with cats and he's a bully. So we figured making the neighbours and their pets angry wasn't a good thing to do. It turns out he's quite an affectionate little thing. He sat and watched loads of TV with us. I made sure I had some day shifts so I could spend some time with him in the evenings. It was altogether quite fun. He did however find a stray bag of Catnip (don't ask) tucked in the back of the drawer and covered the kitchen with it. He had a great time!

Going back to the books, I successfully purchased 3 wonderful books from Waterstones in their permanent 3 for 2 deal. It's very rare that you come out with 3 treasures (It's also VERY rare I fall for the offer). Usually you read half of 1 and use the rest as doorstops... I have a pile under my broken bed holding it up. The three I got though, which I highly recommend, were "Embers" by Sandor Marai, "December" by Elizabeth Winthrop and "The Gargoyle" by Andrew Davidson. (This one was the creme de la creme)
I'm still thirsty for fiction so I went out and bought another 3 books. I've read one and it was quite funny. "Up a tree at night with a hedgehog" by Paul Robert Smith. And I'm in the process of reading another which I'm really liking... I'll keep you posted... Enough of my rambling. I'm off to make some lunch, read some book and go to work.... again

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Letter Thief

Some more new prints! The letter thief is now in the shops. Her new accomplice will come shortly so keep in touch.

We finally got round to getting a new DVD player after the old one died a month or 2 ago and I'm about to watch Brief Encounter for the first time before I go to work.

ps - I have a handful of valentines cards left so I'll keep them listed for emergencies and belated valentines.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Coraline - Curious Witch Toe

I know this is way off the mark and I don't go about ranting and raving about trailers and films... ok I do, but not usually via the blog. Today is a good enough day to change that. It is Friday 13th after all and funnier things have happened.

ANYWAY, went to the movies to see Bolt 3D which was amazing (I have a headache today though and I think it's from the glasses but it was worth it) I saw the trailer for Coraline, a Neil Gaiman story. AND I'M WELL EXCITED. It looks so fantastic and the site itself is full of treats. You can sew buttons onto your face you can design a flower (see above). My flower was going to be called 'Curious Witch Toe' but I couldn't fit the word 'curious' in... so it's just 'Witch Toe'.

Enough of my film ramblings, have a lovely Friday and a lovely 13th too.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Prints Are People Too!

From March 7th - 31st My work will be featured as part of this wonderful show curated by the Headquarters Gallerie + Boutique. Other artists expected to be showing include (and I'm really excited about these) Caitlin Shearer, Ashley G and fellow fox fanatic Kristiana Parn. There are many more to come and I'll fill you in on the details as soon as I get them. I'm sad I'll miss the party and not get to go to the show but I'm glad to be part of it. Exciting! Now I have to write a blurb about what I do... hm...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Portrait of a Fox

New print now in the shops. It's called 'Portrait of a Fox' (no surprise there) and measures 8"x 10". I discovered a bunch of 'frame' and 'boarder' drawings I did a while back so I decided to play about with them and see what crops up. Ta daaa! I've got some more treats too come. Alas they are kind of Valentiney but I think they have potential for the other 364 days too.

Anyway, it's definitely bed time!

Print alterations

Just a quick note while I'm working. I'm changing the page dimensions for a lot of the prints. Any of the prints that were originally 8"x 8" will now be on a page measuring 7"x 9". Panic not the pictures haven't gotten smaller. I was just worried about people not being able to find frames for such a picky shaped print. The new page evens out the space around the edge so there's room for a mat or just to pop straight into a frame if so desired. It does mean it's going into action now meaning any prints purchased within the last 24 hours will now be subject to change and I will individually contact whoever you are :)


Monday, 9 February 2009

New designs

You may remember the lovely Winter portraits badge set I have up for sale in the shop, well I've just made it even lovelier. I've added 5 new badge designs to the pack so now you get a grand total of 9 lovely badges. I've appropriately labels it 'Nine Badges in a Bag'. I've also got some lovely new maroon drawstring bags so they look nice and neat and colourful. Perfect treat for all. They are now priced at $10 on etsy and £6 on Folksy.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nearly gone

The snow's on its way out which is sad. But It's still pretty damn slippery out there. It made a nice change though and I did my best to document some of it as I walked to work.

On the work front I'm excited to say some of my prints have been picked to be part of a 'print' show in Canada this coming March so right now I'm busy packaging them all up. I'll have more info for you tomorrow or as soon as I've sent the prints off in the post. Exciting stuff!

I've also got some new pocketable treats arriving any day now. Can't wait to share...

My lips are sealed :)

Monday, 2 February 2009


Yesterday it began as tiny little flecks of ice floating about. We figured it wouldn't settle because it never settles... but this is what I woke up to find. Yes! On the way home from work last night I did have lots of fun slipping and sliding about. I say lots of fun, at the time I was frightened for my ankles. It's one of those things that you can look back and and think "Ooo that was fun!" lies lies lies

Anyway time to sit back and enjoy... then post office... then work...