Friday, 13 February 2009

Coraline - Curious Witch Toe

I know this is way off the mark and I don't go about ranting and raving about trailers and films... ok I do, but not usually via the blog. Today is a good enough day to change that. It is Friday 13th after all and funnier things have happened.

ANYWAY, went to the movies to see Bolt 3D which was amazing (I have a headache today though and I think it's from the glasses but it was worth it) I saw the trailer for Coraline, a Neil Gaiman story. AND I'M WELL EXCITED. It looks so fantastic and the site itself is full of treats. You can sew buttons onto your face you can design a flower (see above). My flower was going to be called 'Curious Witch Toe' but I couldn't fit the word 'curious' in... so it's just 'Witch Toe'.

Enough of my film ramblings, have a lovely Friday and a lovely 13th too.