Saturday, 29 August 2009


Well, I accidentally went shopping. It happens. It was good :) Above is a beautiful new jacket I found in Debenhams. I bought it, gulp. The picture above doesn't do it much justice because it's a much more vibrant mustard yellow. I'm in love with it and it fits like a dream, so why not hey? I plan to change the buttons because the ones it come with are too heavy and they droop - I'm having none of that. I found some nice big plain matte black ones to replace the droopy ones. Yes!

I now own my first (not my last, that's for certain) piece of vintage reclaimed jewellery by Liam. I'm sorry the picture's a bit blurry, very low light levels (autumns nearly here). I'll try and update it in the morning if the sun comes out.

And lastly I found the perfect pair of golden earrings by pebble (Jayne). Again poor photo by me, sorry sorry sorry, but I'm sure you get the idea. I love her work. I bought a custom necklace from her last year and it's one of my favourite possessions. If you're local you can find her work in the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop - 'Get Made!' too.

Right enough of my yellow themed post. No more shopping for me... hm... I plan to spend the evening curled up with my book or watching Humphrey Bogart films. You can't get much better than that ;)

Thursday, 27 August 2009


As promised, some more information about the Sale - Featured in my Etsy shop only!

For every week in September (starting Tuesday 1st) I will be selecting 15 prints at random and making them available to you for half price.

Every week will have a new selection of prints to chose from so if you see a bargain you like, snap it up before it goes.

I will refresh and update the sale items on Sundays up until the month ends on Wednesday 30th.


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sainsbury's = Pizza and Roses

First of all here's a new print I'm excited to share with you. Called "Abstract Kitty". It measures 8 inches by 10 and is in the shops, now! I've been doing a lot of abstract squiggling recently. There's something incredibly satisfying about doing some blob like doodles, scanning them instantly and colouring away. The crazy coloured background above was a very happy accident. I've fallen in love with a handful of colours and seem to be using them in everything I do - this picture incorporates the lot. The cat's based on Trent, I couldn't resist. I'm cat mad at the minute. I want a cat. I want Trent but I don't think he'd like living with me. He thinks I'm his long lost cat sibling and spends most of his time practicing 'attack' moves on my ankles. (I use the word 'practicing' but really, he's got it down to a T)

We went for pizza in the evening and came home with pot plants too. Happy bonus I must say. I'm still trying to think of a good name for it (the plant not the pizza) Any Suggestions?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Note paper

I keep coming across various accessories designed to look like classic sheets of note paper and they look beautiful. So I thought I'd show you some examples. I've already featured number 4 in my last 'covet' post but I love the piece so much I couldn't resist featuring it once again (one day, I will own one).

1. Custom index card pouch by Christinas.
2. Take Note wallet by Luxfordst.
3. Collage ruled pocket book by QuietDoing.
4. Custom embroidered note by Dashofmagic.

Have a nice browse and ps - photo credits go to the sellers :)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Good Morning :)

Another 2 LARGE prints have made their way into the shops so please go ahead and take a peek. It's been so good getting up and getting on with things in the morning. It's also been very puzzling. For the past 2 days I've woken up under the false impression it's alarmingly late in the day, I've even glanced at my watch and through my blurry eyes I've translated 8's into 10's and 12's into 58's. Yes, it's been very confusing, but on the plus side that guilty 'sleeping in' feeling has catapulted me out of the bedroom and into work mode. 3 new prints later and some new treats on their way (I can mention them now because they're being made as we speak, horray!) I feel like these morning's have been 3 steps closer to beating the rut. Go Team!

About the new print (above): Title: Urban Forest. Available in 2 colour schemes, pink and black (please specify in "note to seller" part of transaction which print you wish to receive, you can email me too that's fine. If it's left blank I'll send the black one) For Sale in both shops (etsy and folksy)

Today I have one more day of work before I have 3 days off again. Aside from getting addicted to lost (finally) I've been a heavy reader and I'm considering beginning the woolen Christmas prezzies. I know I know it's a long way off, even halloween prep seems excessive, but socks won't make themselves... and it will feel good to know you're on top of things when the time comes, right?

Now, shall I risk having a super speedy shower? or wait for the postman that might never be?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Where We Live

New LARGE print now up for grabs in both shops (etsy and folksy)! Yesterday I had an ace start to the day making it. 4 episodes of lost, 3 mugs of tea, 2 ham sandwiches and a chocolate biscuit = "Where We Live".

I'm currently faffing with new pieces of work as I type so this will be a short post for now. I'm really excited to say that there is going to be another large print on it's way very very soon and some other treasures, which I won't go into details about because they're still being cooked up by the little grey cells.

Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Snaps from our Bakewell Adventure

Finally managed to upload some new greenery snaps to flickr. Enjoy. It was a very very fun day :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009


These shoes are now on my feet. I love them dearly but I do plan to take them off before I get into bed. But I will put them back on as soon as I'm up, showered and dressed tomorrow morning... sigh...

Monday, 10 August 2009

We Are... HAPPY!

5 days ago Yaelfran got in touch and asked if I'd be up for participating with a fantastic new project. I'm pleased to say I met the deadline! If you luurve colouring in as much as me then treat yourself to a copy of this beautiful new colouring-in book. It will be a monthly publication. This month's topic is 'Happy'. Featuring beautiful work by these talented folk (check out their etsy stores) and of coruse if you grab a copy you will be able to see what I contributed :

Sunday, 9 August 2009

CARDS 3 for 2 until Sunday 16th August!

6 Shiny new cards up for grabs in the shops, at last! As a special treat, for this week only, they're 3 for the price of 2! Purchase 2 cards through etsy and include the title of the 3rd card in the "Notes to Seller" part of your purchase and all 3 will surf their way to your doorstep. EASY!

Offer ends at Midnight next Sunday (16th August), so get in there quick folks!