Saturday, 29 August 2009


Well, I accidentally went shopping. It happens. It was good :) Above is a beautiful new jacket I found in Debenhams. I bought it, gulp. The picture above doesn't do it much justice because it's a much more vibrant mustard yellow. I'm in love with it and it fits like a dream, so why not hey? I plan to change the buttons because the ones it come with are too heavy and they droop - I'm having none of that. I found some nice big plain matte black ones to replace the droopy ones. Yes!

I now own my first (not my last, that's for certain) piece of vintage reclaimed jewellery by Liam. I'm sorry the picture's a bit blurry, very low light levels (autumns nearly here). I'll try and update it in the morning if the sun comes out.

And lastly I found the perfect pair of golden earrings by pebble (Jayne). Again poor photo by me, sorry sorry sorry, but I'm sure you get the idea. I love her work. I bought a custom necklace from her last year and it's one of my favourite possessions. If you're local you can find her work in the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop - 'Get Made!' too.

Right enough of my yellow themed post. No more shopping for me... hm... I plan to spend the evening curled up with my book or watching Humphrey Bogart films. You can't get much better than that ;)