Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Good Morning :)

Another 2 LARGE prints have made their way into the shops so please go ahead and take a peek. It's been so good getting up and getting on with things in the morning. It's also been very puzzling. For the past 2 days I've woken up under the false impression it's alarmingly late in the day, I've even glanced at my watch and through my blurry eyes I've translated 8's into 10's and 12's into 58's. Yes, it's been very confusing, but on the plus side that guilty 'sleeping in' feeling has catapulted me out of the bedroom and into work mode. 3 new prints later and some new treats on their way (I can mention them now because they're being made as we speak, horray!) I feel like these morning's have been 3 steps closer to beating the rut. Go Team!

About the new print (above): Title: Urban Forest. Available in 2 colour schemes, pink and black (please specify in "note to seller" part of transaction which print you wish to receive, you can email me too that's fine. If it's left blank I'll send the black one) For Sale in both shops (etsy and folksy)

Today I have one more day of work before I have 3 days off again. Aside from getting addicted to lost (finally) I've been a heavy reader and I'm considering beginning the woolen Christmas prezzies. I know I know it's a long way off, even halloween prep seems excessive, but socks won't make themselves... and it will feel good to know you're on top of things when the time comes, right?

Now, shall I risk having a super speedy shower? or wait for the postman that might never be?