Saturday, 28 June 2008

nom nom nom

Last night was my first night at home with my house-companions in what feel likes forever! Because I work evenings as well as days and sometimes mornings too I usually bump into someone on their way to bed when I get home... or we have a high speed 5 minute natter before we all retire to our rooms.

ANYWAY I cooked a feast... It was sooo nice! (if i do say so myself) I was prepping all week, scurrying through every cook book I could lay my hands on. Finally I decided not to use any cook books and just used my noggin instead. I very rarely get to cook because I very rarely have an evening at home... and if I do I try and get food from other people. So my confidence in the kitchen is pretty much non existent... I dunno what goes with what and what goes where. Salt and pepper go together yeah?

I have to admit this isn't the neatest food presentation example... Everyone else's looked lovely but everything falls to pieces when it's your plate... nevermind! Tasted nice :) For pudding we had an assortment of chocolate bickies.... and we polished off the lot.