Monday, 15 September 2008

Hey Ho Lets Go

Festival over. Done and dusted. Oh how I have missed my bed and shower and slippers and stuff. There are plenty of pictures for you to see on flickr with their own little commentary. Pst - Next time remind me to take a camping chair!

One thing I can say is I'm going to miss all the amazing food. Not the prices that went with it but I can tell it'll be a while till I get something that tasty in my belly again. I think my top acts of the weekend were Akron Family, Dirty Three, The Sons of Noel and Adrian and Low.

The show is less than a week away (Ah!) and I'm not ready :) hehe. I will be, but today I'm not. I blame it on a long well needed weekend away! All I need now is another few days to recover. I'm very excited though. The Mini Blurb is on the site now so have a read and come along!!

Lets Go!