Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Stuff and Things and Stuff

I've been a spending maniac... and I thought I would share pictures of what I've been spending my hard earned money on. Above is my reading pillow... I've given it that very important title to justify its existence in my home... and to explain why the living-room is now drowning in cushions which were previously located in my room... don't mock it. I couldn't help myself it's just what Ikea does to you. If you would also like a very important reading pillow you can find this one and others here. I also found a beautiful little tray in Habitat which I've stuck to the wall. You can look at it here.

And this is the icing on the cake. I bought a print by Jon Klassen. I saw a link to his work on the Pikaland blog and ended up getting click happy and before it knew it I'd ticked the international shipping button and then signed into paypal and confirmed... and oops. Ta Da! It should arrive within 2-3 weeks so I'm calling it my "pat on the back reward for putting on a show" print. (Another very important title to reduce the shopping guilt)

I haven't bought a flat, panic not. I just happened to see these really nice paper flowers in someones window on my way home today and I took a sneaky snap.

Anyway enough of the shopping talk. The prints are coming along slowly but surely. I went along to the space yesterday to take a million and a half photos so I can do some semi-serious planning. I'm very much looking forward to sharing all the new eye candy with you :)

Time to go to the post office followed by work!