Saturday, 4 July 2009

Good Afternoon Mr Postman

Today some treasures I've been eagerly waiting have arrived. Above is the beautiful book illustrated by Sun Young Yoo. The Red Shoes - a Hans Christian Andersen classic. I stumbled across it on the blog Book by it's cover, which is a wonderful site for opening your eyes to some of the most beautiful books out there. I didn't think it was possible but it's even more stunning in the flesh. I'm very fond of collecting beautifully illustrated children's books, so much so I need more book shelves.... sigh.

Below is another gem of a purchase. I mentioned a while back about being obsessing over fonts and writing at the moment. This book should do the trick. There's something really theraputic looking through giant books that delve into artist sketchbooks and playing with text. I can look at them for hours... and I plan to take this to work and do just that :)
- Talking about work, after my shift I plan on going to see an 11pm screening of Moon by Mr Zow-I mean Duncan Jones. Robots, spaceships, THE MOON, Klint Mansel, trouble, coughsamrockwellcough - Yus!