Thursday, 16 July 2009

At Home On The Sea

I have some new things to share with you. Above is a new print which is now up for grabs in the shops. It's titled "At home on the sea" and measures 8" x 10". Printed on archival watercolour paper. Will be sent out signed and sealed snuggly in a hardback envelope, accompanied with one of my 'fresh off the press' moo cards. I love Moo.

Down below we have some serious card making sessions on the go. I've been supplying cards to a couple of shops recently and after a lot of pondering I have decided it is nearly time to share these treats with you online. So far the themes are birthdays, hello's and random. I might branch out I might not. I'll keep you posted for when they hit etsy and folksy.

PS - Remember the Printer hiccup give-aways? I got more. Email me you address if you desire one. (I got millions, please desire one)