Friday, 10 October 2008

Shop Update!!! meet the girls :)

I found this gem in oxfam today on my way home from work and it inspired me to pull back the curtains and show you what I've been up to lately! The graphics are beautiful and the story is really cool. It's rare to come across something so lovely :)
It's also got the appropriate Autumn theme... seeing as it's Autumn... and what I have to show you is also Autumn/ Winter themed...

Now for the main event. A great big shop update :) I'm happy to introduce you to 8 lovely new prints that will be up for grabs in the shop within the next couple of hours. It's all about wrapping up warm and layering up those woolies. Each print will come with it's own little blurb filling you in on some of their current fixations, secrets, favourite fruits etc.

Each print is priced at 20 Dollars which is around 10 English Pounds and is printed on archival watercolour paper. The colours and details are bold and crisp. The page measures around 7" x 9" and the image sits comfortably in the middle :) Get in touch if you have special frame requirements and need the paper to be different measurements. As long is the measurements are no bigger than A4 I can sort something out.

Top Left: May, Enid, Aims, Ella.
Bottom Left: Ruth, Connie, Claire, Lotti.

** Just a mini note. The prints you will receive will be on a page that measures 7 inches by 9 inches. The above photo is prints on off cuts of paper measuring 5 by 8 inches (didn't want such good bits of paper to go to waste). This means that the print you receive will be on a piece of paper ever so slightly bigger**