Friday, 29 May 2009

lunch, weddings, ikea

The picture of lunch is mainly for my benefit, to remind me that food doesn't have to be potato based or bread based or at work. Cheese is something I can't say no to though, so cheese based is always welcome. Anyway, you know it's summer when the salads come tumbling off the shelves into your shopping basket. Before you know it your chomping away like a buck-tooth rabbit savoring every crunch. Apart from salads, sunshine (and the 'overheating' feeling that accompanies the sunshine) weddings are also a big give away that summer's on the doorstep. These last few days we drove up to the Lake District to see my friend Charlie on her wedding day. Below is a snap of the happy duo. It was a perfect break. Not only was the wedding beautiful, seeing friends was another treat and being surrounded by such beautiful sights was breathtaking.

Example A (above) - Beautiful surroundings.
Example B (below) - The place called home (for 2 nights only). The inn on the lake, Ullswater.