Saturday, 18 April 2009

Happy Year One

Well I think the official date was yesterday but 'Happy Year Number One' to the blog! Quite scary to think I've been rambling at people for a year now on this thing. I hope you don't mind :) I plan to continue.

I had a lovely day off yesterday. We took the bus to IKEA and had a mini adventure with lunch there. I had Fish and Chips and Peas because I love Fish and Chips and Peas at IKEA (I can't explain that sorry). Anyway the bus ride ensured that we couldn't buy large, huge, massive, gigantic pieces of unnecessary furniture which was a relief. I did accidently spent a chunk of money on a tin jug (I wasn't expecting that chunk of cash to be quite as big as it was but it doesn't mean I don't love it any less), what can I say? They're very good at enticing desplays.
After the IKEA adventure we went to go see Monsters vs Aliens 3D. (I like to go to the cinema on my day off from the cinema... logic? lost that years ago apparently). It was fun and we were hyper on pick-a-mixes. The BEST way to spend a day off. After the sugar rush and expensive 3D specs I went to the Jam Cafe to see some music and socialise (Not very good at the last bit, especially when they have a tv on mute playing I heart Huckabees, distracted constantly I was)

All in all I had an incredibley unproductive picture making day (I did nadda). I was thouroughly greedy and ate too much sugar (I did feel sick yes but it was worth it) and now I am sat on my sofa eating not very fresh strawberries. All is well.

Above is a picture from a month or 2 ago. The afternoon light was beautiful and it was the first hint that spring was on it's rocking horse and tottering into town. I felt the need to share.

Right... Breakfast!