Monday, 12 January 2009

Some Treasures

This was one of my many (yes I am a bad bad bad person) Christmas presents for myself. I love it and I'm wearing it as I type. It's by PonyParade and there are 3 different designs. One with a fox and one with a monkey. I went for the bird because it seemed so classic. A really nice treat for yourself (and others of course)!

These were a spontaneous buy but worth every penny. They were really good value for money too and you can find them on etsy by ShareLiving. There are so many treasures in their shop and I can easily spend a good while browsing through everything. I bought them because I thought with some ribbon they would make beautiful decorations. Unfortunately I bought them after Christmas and we didn't have a tree last year. But now I have more of an insentive to get one this year ;) Horray. On saying all of that they aren't particularly festive so I will probably use them all year round. Lovely!

Right enough shopping.... I'll have some newbies to show you shortly