Saturday, 9 August 2008

Take A Peek

I picked up a copy of 'I'm a cyborg' on dvd yesterday before work. We had it for one night at work and getting the chance to watch it on the big screen was amazing. Such a good film, I highly recommend it to all :) We should've had it for a week at least it was sooo good. I'm looking forward to watching it again :D

I'm currently sat colouring and listening to the Olympics in the background. I thought I'd share what I've been working on this morning with you. It's called "The Look" and is now available in the shop so go check it out.

I'm about to move next door and do some scanning. The ideas are still brewing for the show in September. Looks like it's getting moved to the end of the month which is good because it gives us all more time. It's going to be a fun one I can assure you. I'll keep you posted with dates and details and of course snippits of what will be on show. Exciting!

Have a good un'