Thursday, 7 August 2008

Beware The Stripes

I've just posted 2 new(ish) pictures up on etsy so please feel free to check them out :)

I say "new (ish)" I've had them on my flickr account and before that tucked away on my computer waiting for a rainy day. The colours work really well on both of these prints. I'd say they're definately bright and lively combos :)

I've nearly finished my book reading phase and I'll be back on track asap I promise with some new pictures. I'm also about to be donated an A3 printer which is quite exciting! It means I can actually start faffing about with larger images (obviously) and working on some fresh ideas... YES!! Well chuffed :D

Other than reading. I've been mainly at work. I've lost count of how many times I've worked on or watched Batman... I've also been spending money...

I've finally treated myself to a Ghostee by Axelhoney and some Mushrooms by Craftsty. I have a little ledge in the "studio"/spare room over the fireplace and I've got an uncontrolable urge to fill it with beautiful little things. So you have to start somewhere :)

Enjoy your Thursday