Monday, 29 June 2009

objects of desire

I wanted to share with you a treasure I came across last week (possibly the week before). A beautiful old printing block I found in a vintage shop in town. The only draw back to this find was I had previously been to the library and filled my bag with about 4 (huge) books, oops. So for the rest of the day I was dragging my bags around Nottingham. (luckily the printing block is quite small) My shoulders still hate me.

Below are some treasures I find my self swooning over on a regular basis.

1. Custom embroidered note by - DashOfMagic, 2. Summery pink sandals by - DearGoldenVintage, 3. Gocco print by - Katep, 4. Felt accessory by - KateBroughton, 5. Felted slippers by - FrenchPressKnits, 6. Custom cottages by - LittlePinkHouse, 7. Book plates by - TheLittleFox, 8. Showcap necklace by - ZhivanaDesigns, 9. Vintage Brooch by - CharacterPants.

Ps/ Photo credits go to the sellers listed above :)