Saturday, 31 January 2009

A glimpse of the future

Not quite finished but on its way. I cunningly (stupidly) left my computer at work the other day to save carrying it around at a gig. It meant I woke up the next morning completely clueless on what to do. No printing, no emails, no blog, no writing.... gah... plus the dvd player in the living room has decided recently to go kaploooie. I was lost... but then I decided to move all of the bags of fabric I own into the living room and start creating. I nearly gave up but I persevered and it all started to come together. Now I'm so excited about finishing this project and starting a new one!

She's loosly based on the patterns The Black Apple uses for her beautiful dolls. I hope she doesn't mind but I didn't know where to start because this is the first doll I've made in probably 15 years... gulp. It's all trial and error... but it's fun. I'm going to have to get the sewing machine out for the next one though. Save some time and my spine.

There are still a few valentines cards left so grab them quick before they go and also to make sure they arrive in time for you to send them.

Back to work!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Be mine?

Valentines day cards are in the shops!

Monday, 26 January 2009

New Print

Hello there. I have returned from my London shaped adventure and I'm back sat at my drawing table. I have a new print in the shops and it's called "The Girl and The Fox". I hope you like it. It measures 8" by 10" it's up for grabs in both etsy and folksy. So take a peek! I'm quite chuffed with it if I do say so myself.

I've started working on some new things but I won't say more because I don't want to ruin it. I know what I'm like and I need to keep my secrets otherwise it won't happen! So! Keep your ear to the ground and all that jazz and speak soon :)

Oh and of course I'm in love with a lovely new frock from topshop... unfortunately I think I might look a bit daft in it.... but hey that's why they have changing rooms ;)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Just some ideas for Feb

Tell me what you think. Fingers crossed some of them will be up for grabs in the shops at the start of next week. I'm waiting for my paper to arrive and then it's go go go!

Friday, 16 January 2009

MINI shop update!

I'm really chuffed to announce the Mini Prints are FINALLY in the shops! (folksy and etsy) There are some well loved and familiar faces with some lovely new colours. A nice fresh change. If you're after something small to get someone as a treat or part of a gift then these are perfect. They are half the size and half the price of the regular prints. Because I loved the colours I picked for the Stripey Cat (above) I decided to make it available in a larger size as well. Woop!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Some Treasures

This was one of my many (yes I am a bad bad bad person) Christmas presents for myself. I love it and I'm wearing it as I type. It's by PonyParade and there are 3 different designs. One with a fox and one with a monkey. I went for the bird because it seemed so classic. A really nice treat for yourself (and others of course)!

These were a spontaneous buy but worth every penny. They were really good value for money too and you can find them on etsy by ShareLiving. There are so many treasures in their shop and I can easily spend a good while browsing through everything. I bought them because I thought with some ribbon they would make beautiful decorations. Unfortunately I bought them after Christmas and we didn't have a tree last year. But now I have more of an insentive to get one this year ;) Horray. On saying all of that they aren't particularly festive so I will probably use them all year round. Lovely!

Right enough shopping.... I'll have some newbies to show you shortly

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Group of sisters

Now that christmas as passed and all have received their gifts I can show you something I worked on for a friend of mine. She asked if I could try and make a portrait of her and her sisters in the same style of my portraits. Luckily enough 2 of the characters I already had resembled 2 of them (phew). I hear they were loved and everyone knew which sister was which (phew again) :) Anyway back to work. hope you're all well.

Friday, 9 January 2009

...wish you were here!

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly... I'm back! Horray!
The holiday was needed. I feel much better but typically I'm glad to be back and getting on with what I enjoy. Everything's up and running again so if you ordered any prints while I was away they are processed and ready for posting (I will do that today). I've been trying to load pictures from my travels to show you a handful of the funny things I've seen but the blog doesn't want to know. So I will just have to try again another day. This is just a small note but I will return soon to tell you about some of the fun things I have in line for 2009 (gulp) so keeps you eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

**some of the holiday pictures are finally up for all to see on flicker**